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What is Wellness?

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. WellPATH is committed to ensuring that employees have the tools and resources available to take better ownership of their own health.


What is WellPATH?

WellPATH is an employee wellness program designed for, and by, employees of Fresno Unified School District.  WellPATH provides educational programming, group fitness classes, health screenings, and other health related resources.  The wellness program provides Fresno Unified employees with opportunities that guide and encourage a healthy commitment to positive lifestyle change. WellPATH is an initiative of the Joint Health Management Board of Fresno Unified School District.


Who can use WellPATH? Can spouses and dependents participate in WellPATH?

WellPATH is available to active employees covered under the District’s health benefit plan.  At this time, spouses, dependents, retirees and employees not covered by the District’s health benefit plan are not eligible to participate.


Will WellPATH affect my health insurance costs?

No. Your participation is not connected to your health insurance.


What services does WellPATH provide?

Some of our services include health awareness campaigns, workshops, group fitness classes, flu vaccination clinics, health screenings and other tools to help guide positive lifestyle change.


What fitness classes does WellPATH offer?

In the coming months, WellPATH may offer on-site fitness classes, preventive health screenings, or monthly health awareness campaigns. Regular access to fitness classes depends on the available resources at your worksite.


Are WellPATH services available at all district worksites?

WellPATH will be primarily a request-based program that relies on employees’ assistance to coordinate events.  Each worksite will have at least one Wellness Champion who, along with the JHMB WellPATH Director, will be charged with coordinating health and wellness activities for employees.


What can I expect as a participant of this program?

WellPATH participants are supported by our WellPATH Director, Wellness Champions, wellness instructors, and a suite of online resources designed to improve your health and well-being.  You will have access to a variety of tools that will help you achieve your wellness goals. As WellPATH progresses, new online content and special monthly activities will be added.


How do I request an event at my worksite?

WellPATH services will be available to all schools and worksite, and logistics will be coordinated on a site-by-site basis.  Unless otherwise indicated, a minimum of 15 participants are required.  Sites interested in having a class should submit a class request form to the WellPATH office.


If I do not have WellPATH events at my worksite will I be able to participate in events at other district worksites?



Will I have an on-site WellPATH representative?

WellPATH is in the process of recruiting Wellness Champions at each of the district worksites.  Wellness Champions will help coordinate wellness initiatives at their worksite.


What is a Wellness Champion?

A Wellness Champion is an on-site ambassador for the WellPATH program who is committed to creating a workplace culture of health and wellness. The Wellness Champion shares wellness-related information with coworkers and helps them connect with wellness programs and activities offered by WellPATH.  Having a Champion as a point of contact at each worksite provides program support and implementation at the “grass roots” level.


How can I become a Wellness Champion?

We are looking for volunteers!  For more information, please contact Rosalinda DiTommaso, JHMB WellPATH Director, via email at or by phone at 559-248-7538.


Does WellPATH provide discounted access to Health Clubs?

WellPATH does not provide discounted access to Health Clubs.  However, discounts are available through the district’s Employee Discount Program.  You can view the available discounts here.


Who can I contact if I have questions about WellPATH?

You can contact Rosalinda DiTommaso, JHMB WellPATH Director, via email at or by phone at 559-248-7538.

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