Continuation of Benefits

The following information about FMLA and continuation of benefits during disability comes directly from the FUSD’s Employee Benefits Book. A full copy of the Employee Benefits Book can be downloaded by clicking here.



Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), an active Employee may be entitled to family or medical leave.

1.         If an Employee is eligible to take and elects FMLA leave, coverage under this Plan will continue until the earlier of:

a.         The date the Employee notifies the District that he or she does not intend to return to work at the end of the FMLA leave; or

b.         The end of the FMLA leave.

2.         Contributions will continue to be paid by the District on the Employee’s behalf while he or she is on FMLA leave.

3.         The Employee must contact the District to determine his or her eligibility for FMLA leave.


Loss of eligibility under this Plan will immediately terminate all benefits.  However, if you or a Dependent were totally Disabled on the date coverage terminated, and if expenses are thereafter incurred directly related to the Injury or Sickness causing the disability, then benefits will be continued with respect to such expenses until the first of the following events occur:

1.         On the 101st day following the month of the date of disability; or

2.         The date the maximum amount of benefits has been paid; or

3.         The date you or your Dependents cease to be totally Disabled; or

4.         The date coverage for you or your Dependents become effective under any replacement policy without limitations as to the disabling condition.

Benefits under this provision will not be payable with respect to any other Injuries or Sicknesses.

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