Coping with the Tragedy in Orlando

Claremont EAP is Here to Help

The terrifying assault against Orlando’s LGBTQ community has shaken the nation, leaving us distraught by the actions of one of our citizens, who has taken away so many dear friends, sons and daughters.

ClaremontEAPClaremont EAP is an important resource during difficult times. You and your family members in the immediate household can receive free and confidential counseling sessions for issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and grief. Call Claremont EAP at (800) 834-3773 for a referral for counseling.

Resources to Support You and Your Family

The effect of a traumatic event goes far beyond its immediate devastation. It takes time to grieve and rebuild our lives. Life may not return to normal for months, or even years, following a disaster or traumatic event. There may be changes in living conditions that cause changes in day-to-day activities, leading to strains in relationships, changes in expectations, and shifts in responsibilities. These disruptions in relationships, roles, and routines can make life unfamiliar or unpredictable.

To help support you during this difficult time, Claremont has provided a helpful flyer with some guidelines for building resilience when experiencing trauma, including:

  • Things to Remember When Trying to Understand Traumatic Events
  • Signs that Stress Management Assistance Is Needed
  • Ways to Ease the Stress
  • Personal Uncertainties
  • Family Relationship Changes
  • Work Disruptions
  • How to Be a Survivor

If you or a member of your family still has trouble coping, ask for help. Call Claremont EAP at (800) 834-3773 to access your free and confidential services.

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