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Fight the Flu! Make a Plan to Get Your Flu Vaccine.

The best way to reduce your risk from seasonal flu and its potentially serious complications is to get vaccinated every year. Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every season with rare exceptions. Vaccination is particularly important for people who are at higher risk of serious complications from influenza. Flu vaccination has important benefits. It can reduce flu illnesses, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.

Please note: Only the standard dose flu vaccine is provided at WellPATH onsite events. If it has been recommended that you get the high-dose vaccine, please consult with your physician or local pharmacist.

2022 Flu Shot Clinics Dates

Below is a list of Flu Shot Clinics available throughout the District. More clinics are being added daily as events are confirmed, so make sure to check back to view the most current list of dates available.

Registration is highly recommended and the only way to secure your spot!


  • Mon, Sept 19: Herrera Elementary School
  • Tues, Sept 20: DPI
  • Thurs, Sept 22: Holland Elementary School
  • Mon, Sept 26: McLane High School
  • Tues, Sept 27: Yokomi Elementary School
  • Thurs, Sept 29: Vinland Elementary School
  • Fri, Sept 30: Addicott Elementary School


  • Mon, Oct 3: Del Mar Elementary School
  • Fri, Oct 7: Bullard Talent K-8
  • Fri, Oct 14: Education Center
  • Tues, Oct 18: Duncan Polytechnical High School
  • Fri, Oct 21: College and Career Center
  • Tues, Oct 25: Nutrition Center
  • Wed, Oct 26: Olmos Elementary School


  • Wed, Nov 9: Norseman Elementary School
  • Mon, Nov 14: Centennial Elementary School

NOTE: You will need to either login with an existing account or register using client code: FUSD123

Need Help Getting Registered? If you need help registering, Pinnacle Training Systems offers a 3-minute instructional video for setting up an account on their Wellness IQ Systems portal. If you still have questions, please contact Pinnacle Training Systems at 559-917-8137 or

Request a Date for Your Site: This Fall, WellPATH will be offering FREE Flu Shot Clinics again to those District sites that meet the criteria. Dates/times requested will be prioritized on a first come/first served basis. So, work with your Champion to get your requests in by September 30, 2022!

If you are interested in your site hosting a Flu Shot Clinic, submit a request to WellPATH by visiting and clicking on “Submit Request” and selecting “Request an Event at your School/Site”, filling out your contact information, and answering the subsequent questions. WellPATH will receive this request and reach out to you directly to coordinate the event.

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Vaccine Information

Getting an annual flu vaccine is the first and best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu. Flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations. The more people who get vaccinated, the more people will be protected from flu, including older people, very young children, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions who are more vulnerable to serious flu complications. The following section summarizes information from the 2022-2023 flu season.

What’s New for 2022-2023

A few things are different for the 2022-2023 influenza (flu) season, including:

  • The composition of flu vaccines has been updated.
  • For the 2022-2023 flu season, there are three flu vaccines that are preferentially recommended for people 65 years and older. These are Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent vaccineFlublok Quadrivalent recombinant flu vaccine and Fluad Quadrivalent adjuvanted flu vaccine.
  • The recommended timing of vaccination is similar to last season. For most people who need only one dose for the season, September and October are generally good times to get vaccinated. Vaccination in July and August is not recommended for most adults but can be considered for some groups. While ideally it’s recommended to get vaccinated by the end of October, it’s important to know that vaccination after October can still provide protection during the peak of flu season.
  • The age indication for the cell culture-based inactivated flu vaccine, Flucelvax Quadrivalent (ccIIV4), changed from 2 years and older to 6 months and older.
  • Pre-filled Afluria Quadrivalent flu shots for children are not expected to be available this season. However, children can receive this vaccine from a multidose vial at the recommended dose.

What viruses will the 2022-2023 flu vaccines protect against?

There are many different flu viruses, and they are constantly changing. The composition of U.S. flu vaccines is reviewed annually and updated as needed. The recommendations for the 2022-2023 season include two updates compared with the recommended composition of last season’s U.S. flu vaccines. Both the influenza A(H3N2) and the influenza B (Victoria lineage) vaccine virus components were updated.

The recommendations for egg-based and cell-based and recombinant flu vaccines are listed below:

Egg-based vaccine composition recommendations:

  • an A/Victoria/2570/2019 (H1N1) pdm09-like virus;
  • an A/Darwin/9/2021 (H3N2)-like virus (updated);
  • a B/Austria/1359417/2021-like virus (B/Victoria lineage) (updated);
  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus (B/Yamagata lineage)

 Cell- or recombinant-based vaccine composition recommendations:

  • an A/Wisconsin/588/2019 (H1N1) pdm09-like virus;
  • an A/Darwin/6/2021 (H3N2)-like virus (updated);
  • a B/Austria/1359417/2021-like virus (B/Victoria lineage) (updated);
  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus (B/Yamagata lineage).

This recommendation is the same as the Southern Hemisphere flu vaccine recommendation. For more information, visit Influenza Vaccine for the 2022-2023 Season | FDA


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Flu Shots Available Through Kaiser Permanente Locations

Kaiser Permanente also offers free flu vaccinations to their members at no cost. No appointment is required. Please wear short sleeves and bring your Kaiser Permanente card and a photo ID for flu shots. Flu shot may be available at some of the following Fresno Area locations:

  • Fresno Medical Center
  • Clovis Medical Offices
  • Oakhurst Medical Offices
  • Selma Medical Offices

To learn more about how to get a flu shot near you, check out the Kaiser Permanente Flu Season Flyer (PDF) available for download. You may also visit or call the 24/7 flu hotline at 1-800-573-5811. 

Download the Kaiser Flu Season Flyer (PDF) 


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FREE Flu Shot Also Available at Local Pharmacies

Did you know that the district’s prescription plan considers flu vaccinations a covered benefit if they are administered through a retail pharmacy? For those who were unable to attend the Employee Flu Shot Clinics offered at a district site, you can visit a local participating pharmacy and receive a FREE flu shot. Be sure to ask your doctor if a flu vaccination is right for you. If so, simply present your medical card at any local participating pharmacy:

  • CVS
  • Costco
  • Rite Aid
  • Vons
  • Walgreens

For more information, please contact Elixir’s Help Desk at (833) 640-2849. The JHMB and the WellPATH program are proud to offer expanded flu shot access to help employees along their path to better health.


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