Fresno Unified Health Program Wins Award

In the summer of 2012, the Joint Health Management Board developed a strategy to improve care, quality, and outcomes through an Enhanced Primary Care Pilot Program with Community Medical Providers. Recently, the medical group won the Patient-Centered Medical Home Practice of the Year award given by the California Academy of Family Physicians. Here are a few more details from a recent article published in the Fresno Bee:

CMP joined with Fresno Unified in July 2012 to work with about 2,500 patients covered under the school district’s insurance. The pilot program reportedly reduced medical costs by about $1 million over its first 12 months while raising the quality of medical care by showing improved diabetes control, blood pressure and cholesterol levels among participating patients.

According to the award announcement, the first-year success led Fresno Unified to extend the program through June 2015.

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JHMB Behind-the-Scenes 4-Part Video Series

In the summer of 2012, the Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) invited cameras into a series of meetings to capture a behind-the-scenes look at how the board makes decisions that affect your healthcare program. In the end, the group produced a 4-part video series that provides an in-depth look into how the group focuses on offering “the best possible healthcare at the best cost” for the District and its employees.

Part 4 – Making a Difference in the Cost & Quality of Benefits: In this final part of the JHMB’s 4-part behind-the-scenes series, the Board offers a deeper dive into its actual programs that are helping to make a difference in the cost and quality of employee benefits. In these final two videos, you learn more about:

  • Ways the JHMB is holding healthcare providers accountable to outcomes
  • The Enhanced Primary Care Pilot Program designed to improve care, cost and quality outcomes
  • Ways the JHMB is partnering internally and externally to generate ideas from both the patient and provider sides of the relationship

Part 4.1 – 2 min

Watch the Video "Part 4.1 - Making a Difference in the Cost & Quality of Benefits"]

Part 4.2 – 6 min

Watch the Video "Part 4.2 - Making a Difference in the Cost & Quality of Benefits"]

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