HealthConnect website to make its debut

The Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) knows that to make good decisions about their health and their health benefits, FUSD constituents need two things: access to good information, and tools to help them make best use of those health benefits.

To help fulfill this commitment, the JHMB is providing two new resources for all FUSD Employee Health Care Plan participants.

Newsletter imageThe first resource — the HealthConnect Newsletter — launched in February, and is in your hands at this very moment. Published 4-6 times annually, the HealthConnect Newsletter goes by mail to those covered under the FUSD’s Employee Health Care Plan. The Newsletter includes news items about your specific benefits, including changes and updates to those plans, and offers information about ways that plan participants can better control their own health.

The second resource – coming May 30, 2010 – is a brand-new website, dedicated to providing detailed information on a variety of topics ranging from details about your health plan to ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

Website imageAvailable 24/7 and searchable, the HealthConnect Website can answer many of those everyday questions that may arise about your health benefits, and will serve as a valuable and ever-expanding resource for FUSD Employee Health Care Plan participants.

Want more information? After May 30, visit the brand-new HealthConnect Website, at

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