JHMB Email Newsletter: Body, Mind, and Spirit – Healthful Resources to Spring into the Summer

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  • Body, Mind, and Spirit: Healthful Resources to Spring into the Summer
  • Featured Vendor: Mental Health & Wellness
  • Benefits Reminder: Enroll In Medicare When You Become an Eligible Retiree to Minimize Your Payments
  • Healthy Aging Corner: Eating Well: What Are Whole Grains and Why Are They So Important? Here’s What a Dietitian Says | Greater Good at Cal-Berkeley: Is Your Brain Foggy? Here Are Five Ways to Clear It | Mental Health Association: Depression in Older Adults | VeryWellFit: 9 Vegetable Scraps You Can Easily Regrow | WebMD: Mammograms Can Also Highlight Heart Risks
  • Eating Well: Greek Salad with Edamame


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