JHMB Email Newsletter: Life Services Toolkit, Travel Assistance, and More…

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  • Group Insurance Benefits: Life Services Toolkit Resources and Tools to Support You and Your Beneficiary(ies) | Take Advantage of Travel Assistance 
  • A Special JHMB Tribute of Service:Viola Schubert – Retiring Special Education Teacher
  • Personal Finance Corner: Better Money Habits: 10 Questions to Ask Mortgage Lenders | Forbes: Is Carrying a Balance Always Bad For Your Credit Score | Ted Talks: Can’t Stick to a budget? Try these tweaks instead | Wells Fargo Advisors: Paying Down Debt vs. Investing
  • Healthy Aging Corner:Food Network: 10 Summer Food-Safety Tips | Food Safety: People at Risk: Older Adults | VeryWellFit: How Effective Is a Massage Gun for Recovery? | VeryWellFit: The Ultimate Guide to Dairy-Free Ice Creams
  • Eating Well: Hummus (with tahini)

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