JHMB Welcomes New Changes in Leadership

The Joint Health Management Board is proud to announce two recent changes in its membership and leadership.  Genevieve Reynoso was elected President of CSEA #125 and has now joined the Board.  Ms. Reynosa previously sat on the JHMB and is excited to be returning to the Board to continue the work of providing the best possible benefits at the best cost.

John Stallsmith, CSEA Staff who has served as the labor co-chair for JHMB since its inception, recently retired.  At its January meeting the JHMB labor caucus elected Bill Swanson from FTA to serve as the labor co-chair for JHMB.  Bill is a fourth grade teacher at Viking elementary school who has served on the JHMB since September of 2006.

Bill said upon his election, “I volunteered to serve on the JHMB the year of its inception because I care about the district’s health plan and I want to protect it for my family and everyone else it covers. All of the board members are committed to keeping the plan on the cutting edge, providing the best benefits at the lowest cost for members. After working with our dedicated labor partners these many years, I am honored that they have allowed me to take on the responsibility of the co-chair.”

View the JHMB Members List page for the current list of JHMB members and leadership.

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