Looking to better manage your conditions? Just follow the MAP

One way plan participants can take better control of their health is to take prescribed medications exactly as their doctor instructs. Doing so can help you and your physician to achieve the best possible outcomes.

With this in mind, the JHMB and Envision RxOptions — our pharmacy benefit manager — will help plan participants track their adherence to their doctor’s prescription instructions through something new: the Medication Adherence Program, or MAP.

How does it work? Each quarter, plan participants will receive from Envision a personalized report showing their level of adherence to their physician’s instructions, as measured by something called the Medication Possession Ratio, or MPR. The goal is better management any chronic conditions by achieving an MPR of 80 percent or greater.

Watch your mail in the coming weeks for an introduction to the MAP from Envision, which will include your first personalized report. Bring that report with you to your doctor’s appointments, and you’ll be following the MAP to better condition management.

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