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Each month, the WellPATH Program offers healthful videos and webinars from our partners at Pinnacle Training Systems, Claremont EAP, and Kaiser Permanente. For more information about any webinars scheduled in future months, click on the “Upcoming Webinars” tab.

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September 2022

Navigating Divorce

Presented by: Cheryl Mirabella

Whether you’re considering a divorce, or it has already been initiated, this webinar will provide the tools you need to navigate the process with the least amount of stress and conflict possible. In addition to concrete tips and supportive resources, we will explore areas including: effective communication, navigating the logistical and emotional aspects of divorce, understanding and managing stages of grief, building resilience, and planning for the next chapter. While divorce is almost always difficult to go through, you can come out of it feeling stronger and more self-aware than before. Regardless of where you are in the process, this dynamic session will empower you with information, tools, and resources to support you during and after your divorce.

Claremont features a free work-life webinar each month. Login to your Personal Advantage home page any time during the month the webinar is featured to view and submit questions.


How To Access the Webinar

Webinars are pre-recorded.  You can access the webinar at any time after the 1st of the month in which it’s featured.  At the end of the month, that webinar will move to the archives, and will be available to watch on-demand at any time. (Click this link for the webinar. You will need to sign in to Claremont Personal Advantage by creating your own username and password.  Then go to the Webinar tab to view the session.)

During the featured month, you can submit questions to the presenter. Access the form on the webinar page to anonymously submit a question.  You can also check out the other asked and answered questions. Question submission is only open for the month in which the webinar is featured. Please note, questions will be vetted and possibly edited by Life Advantages staff;  we do not guarantee all questions will be answered.


Physical Fitness Video:
Maintaining a Healthy Posture

Most of us spend the majority of our day at a desk which can really take a toll on our posture and lower back. Learn ways to alleviate some of the discomforts a sedentary workday can cause.


Healthy Minute Video:
Women’s Health 101

Discover the leading causes of death in females and how risk factors differ from men. We will also discuss ways women can lead healthier lives.

Wellness Videos from Across the Web


College & Career Ready Labs – Paxton Patterson: The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Sanctuary: The Five Ways to Wellbeing

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