Official Health Care Plan Booklet

The Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) is pleased to provide you with this new and updated Fresno Unified School District Employee Health Care Plan Booklet. This Plan Booklet has been updated to include the most current benefit and vendor information under the three Medical Plan Options that became effective April 1, 2012 including Plan clarifications up to August 1, 2012.

The Plan Booklet primarily describes the benefits applicable to individuals enrolled in Medical Plan Options A and B offered by Anthem Blue Cross; however, it also describes important information for all participants, such as Contact Information, Employee Assistance Program, Chiropractic Care, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance, and General Plan Provisions relating to contributions and eligibility including termination of benefit provisions.


Plan Amendments

Participants in Plan Option C, Kaiser Permanente option, should review a separate Evidence of Coverage brochure describing benefits offered through Kaiser Permanente and applicable sections of this Plan Booklet to familiarize yourself with all provisions of the plan of benefits offered through the District.

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