Prescription Drugs: What to Do If the Pharmacy Says Your Prescription is Denied

One of the core tenets of the Joint Health Management Board’s mission is to enable our plan participants to become informed and responsible healthcare consumers. Routinely, we hear feedback from our plan participants regarding issues experienced along their healthcare journey, and we work behind-the-scenes with our partners to ensure our participants receive the care they’re eligible to receive. Yet, perhaps with a bit more information at the point-of-service, you can more readily address issues that may arise limiting your access to care.  

For instance, did you know that there are four key steps you can take if a pharmacy denies your prescription? These four steps, along with information about maintenance medications, specialty medications, and common reasons for pharmacy denials, are included in a flyer we developed to help you understand and address prescription denials at the pharmacy. 

We invite you to review this helpful resource and save it for the next time you experience an issue at the pharmacy. It’s just one of the ways we’re working to keep you informed and prepared to advocate for yourself and your health. 

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