Prescription Drug Coverage – PPO Plans A & B

Prescription drug coverage for PPO Plans A & B are administered through Elixir for employees, non-Medicare retirees, and their dependents. For Medicare-eligible retirees and/or dependents, prescription drug coverage is administered through Elixir Rx Plus.

For more details on these plans (including tiers, copays, and contact information), please review the “Overview” section below. For details regarding the JHMB’s special program for maintenance medications, please select the “Rx90 Program” tab below. For details regarding the JHMB’s Select Formulary, please select the “Select Formulary ” tab below.

For questions, contact Elixir at the JHMB’s special customer service line: (833) 640-2849.

NOTE: The prescription drug coverage information provided in this section does not apply Plan C Kaiser participants. For information specific to Plan C participants, please visit the “Your Benefits” page.

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