Urgent Care: Staying in-network can assure a quality experience

In February’s HealthConnect Newsletter, we included an item about Urgent Care clinics, offering them as a sound alternative in non-life threatening situations to visiting the Emergency Room. We stand by that offer, as do medical professionals and health-benefit providers across the country.

But we did receive feedback from one of the JHMB’s constituents, a FUSD teacher covered under our Employee Health Care Plan, who wrote about her negative experience with one Urgent Care clinic located in her neighborhood.

After some research, we found one possible issue: The Urgent Care clinic in question was outside of the Anthem Blue Cross network, and not subject to the quality controls or service reviews utilized by Anthem Blue Cross in directing its plan participants to clinics. To be part of the network, Urgent Care clinics have to go through a stringent credentialing process; clinics not open to this process are excluded from the network.

In response to the teacher’s feedback, the JHMB is conducting a review of the Fresno-area Urgent Care clinics within the Anthem Blue Cross network, to ensure positive experiences for FUSD plan participants who visit them.

Remember: If the situation is life-threatening, visit the emergency room or call 9-1-1. On the other hand, if you “need to be seen” but the situation is not life-threatening, consider visiting one of the area Urgent Care clinics within the Anthem Blue Cross network, a list of which is available on the Anthem Blue Cross website atĀ http://www.anthem.com/ca

The time to locate your nearest in-network Urgent Care is now, long before you or your family ever need it.

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