Watch your mail for information from Envision, FUSD’s new prescription benefits partner

If your prescription medications are covered through the Fresno Unified School District’s Employee Health Care Program, there’s news for you: On July 1, 2010, the FUSD will shift management of its prescription drug benefits program to a new pharmaceutical benefit manager, Envision Pharmaceutical Services.

The shift from the Walgreen’s Health Initiative (WHI) to Envision will bring NO changes to current pharmacy benefits or copayment structures; you’ll still be able to use the same local pharmacy, you can still receive medications through mail-order, and your copayments will not change.

Logo for EnvisionBut shifting the program to Envision does promise a number of advantages for those covered under FUSD health benefits. After conducting much research, the FUSD’s Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) believes Envision is firmly positioned to support the JHMB’s vision of integration and collaboration between the providers within its health plan.

“Envision was selected to provide your pharmacy benefits because of our consistent track record of providing industry-leading customer service and client satisfaction,” said Kevin Nagle, Envision’s President and CEO. “We at Envision are looking forward to serving the Fresno Unified School District’s employees and their families.”

If you’re currently using the Walgreen’s mail-order service for your prescriptions, watch your mail for materials and full instructions for shifting your mail-order prescriptions to the program offered by Envision. Envision plans to send these materials in mid-June, well in advance of the July 1 effective date.

To learn more about Envision, visit the company’s website at

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