WellPATH Challenges

Throughout the year, the WellPATH Program serves up wellness challenges to jumpstart and/or cultivate healthy habits among its  members. These challenges typically run 6-8 weeks and offer individual and work site incentives based on healthy eating, exercising, and educational activities. 

Spring 2023 Macro Madness Challenge

6-Week Challenge: March 20th, 2023 to April 30th, 2023

Registration Opens: March 6th

Our next WellPATH challenge kicks off on Monday, March 20th!  For those of you that joined us for the Exercise in Disguise Challenge this past Fall/Winter, this challenge structure will be exactly the same. We will still be offering the wide array of approved activities and guaranteed prizes for averaging 5,000 or more steps/day. This is not a challenge where you accumulate points. You will be participating in any of the approved activities and logging them throughout the challenge. At the end of the challenge, we will take a daily steps average by taking your total number of steps in the challenge and dividing it by 42 (number of days in the challenge) to get your daily step average. You daily step average will determine your prize!  

Details: The focus of this challenge is on learning the world of structuring your Macros. This is a nutrition focused challenge. “Macro” stands for macronutrient, which are the 3 categories of nutrients you eat the most and provide you with most of your energy: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This challenge will focus on education of how to structure your meals to get the right combination of these 3 nutrients to support your body’s functions and energy needs. A focus on eating to fuel your body, instead of just eating for pleasure or to stave off hunger feeling. This includes information like which macronutrient combination should you eat to best support a workout, or which macros should be eaten later in the day to support digestion.

Register—Two ways to Join the Challenge

You can sign up for the challenge online either through Pinnacle’s WalkerTracker site or by downloading and completing the online Registration Form (PDF) below:

WalkerTracker: Register at WalkerTracker. Refer to the Registration Guide for assistance.

Online Registration Form: Download and complete the online registration form.

Program Guide

Check out our Program Guide for more details on this challenge, including:

  • Eligibility
  • Rules
  • Tiers
  • Prizes
  • And more…

How to Convert Your Activities on WalkerTracker

This challenge allows for points for many different types of activities. Download and review the “How to Convert Your Activities on WalkerTracker” for more details about how to earn your points during the challenge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also included a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding our walking/running challenges. Feel free to review the document to understand more.


Fall 2021 Wellness Challenge:  
Beat the Drought While Working Out


Final Results 

The Fall 2021 challenge incorporated a brand new design that challenged participants to compete with themselves and nobody else. Each participant set a daily step goal and then got points for hitting that goal through various approved exercise activities. Participants could also win points by recording their water consumption, and posting positive comments or comments about their experience on the discussion board.

At the end of the challenge we tallied up all the points. Those point totals correspond with a tier in the prize structure pictured below. 

Fall 2021 Reward Tiers

Fall 2021 Winners

Below are the winners listed by username. We had (65) Tier 5 winners, (16) Tier 4 winners, (15) Tier 3 winners, (10) Tier 2 Winners (determined via a drawing for all that were in that point range), and (10) Tier 1 Winners (determined via a drawing for all that were in that point range).


We hope that all who participated found the challenge motivating and that it provided you with valuable, healthful habits and skills. WellPATH is running another challenge over the holidays called Maintain, Don’t Gain. Please keep your eyes peeled for information on how to register for that challenge in November.

Spring 2022 WellPATH Challenge:  
Spring Forward into Fitness

The “Spring Forward Into Fitness Challenge” was an individual challenge where participants were asked to set a daily step goal, with a minimum requirement of 5,000 steps per day. Activities such as swimming, biking dancing, yard work, etc. were converted into steps that were added into their daily step count. If the goal was reached, participants were awarded points. In addition, participants earned points by logging how long they slept each night and could earn one point a day by posting on the discussion board. Participants competed against themselves and their daily goal. Once a participant reached a certain number of points, they qualified for a Visa Gift Card. The more points earned, the larger the gift card amount.

The Metrics

Overall, 71% of participants were able to meet their daily step goal consistently! In total, the participants walked over 97 million steps throughout this 6-week challenge. That is the equivalent of walking around the earth twice! They burned a total of 4,399,055 calories! There were 305 total participants for the “Spring Forward Into Fitness Challenge.” Of those 305 participants:

  • 217 participants qualified for prizes
  • 207 participants won prizes (Tier 1 was a drawing for 10 winners)
  • That is almost 68% of participants that won a prize

Tiers 2-4 were guaranteed prize tiers, meaning if a participant gathered enough points to hit this tier, they were guaranteed the prize amount. A total of 197 participants had a guaranteed prize. That is 65% of total participants that were guaranteed a prize. Below you will find a list of the winners’ usernames from the “Spring Forward Into Fitness Challenge.”

Spring 2022 Winners

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