Wellness Champions



What is a Wellness Champion?

A Wellness Champion is an on-site ambassador for the WellPATH program who is committed to creating a workplace culture of health and wellness. The Wellness Champion shares wellness-related information with coworkers and helps them connect with wellness programs and activities offered by WellPATH, the district’s employee wellness program.


What Does a Wellness Champion do?

The Wellness Champion is integral to the WellPATH program. This simple but important job won’t take much time. It involves:

  • Encouraging employee completion of a Needs and Interest Survey to help WellPATH plan and coordinate relevant onsite programs.
  • Creating excitement around leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Coordinating wellness initiatives at your worksite such as the seasonal influenza program and assist with set-up at on-site events.
  • Promoting wellness programs: distribute materials, post flyers in strategic places at your worksite, and use word-of-mouth to encourage participation in wellness  programs and screenings.

Wellness Champions are asked to volunteer for at least one year, and to participate in  informational meetings held twice a year. We will meet once every six months and time will be dedicated to recapping what is going on in the program, share ideas and thoughts, learn what is being planned, and discuss the feedback you have received from your co-workers about the program.


What You Will Get?

Wellness Champions will receive ongoing recognition, starting with an embroidered WellPATH polo shirt!


How Do I Become a Wellness Champion?

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to help yourself and others to improve health and well-being, please become a WellPATH Wellness Champion.  Complete and return the Wellness Champion Pledge Form or contact Rosalinda DiTommaso, JHMB WellPATH Director, via email at rosalinda.ditommaso@fresnounified.org or by phone at 559-248-7538.


Healthy Worksite of the Month

Congratulations on making a difference!  Any wellness activity you have implemented is considered a success! We want to celebrate the many ways that we work together to create a healthy work environment.  We invite your school or department to share their wellness success story so we can help others learn what’s working and applaud your school or department for a job well done.  Please provide a project overview of your event being as specific as possible.  Photographs and other supporting documentation is welcomed and encouraged.  Healthy worksites and individuals will be eligible to receive recognition and rewards, and be featured in a future publication of the JHMB HealthConnect newsletter. Please contact Rosalinda DiTommaso, JHMB WellPATH Director, via email at rosalinda.ditommaso@fresnounified.org or by phone at 559-248-7538.  Thank you!

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