WellPATH Introduces 3 New Services for 2015-16

In support of its efforts to help you along your path to better health, the WellPATH Program is unveiling 3 new services this Fall; 1) Massage Therapy, 2) Personal Training, and 3) Behavior Modification Consulting. The Massage Therapy Program is incentive-based, while the Personal Training services and Behavior Modification Consulting will be by invitation-only.

Massage Therapy Program

All massage therapy services will be held at school sites and district locations as a reward for reaching participation minimums at their respective on-site personal wellness screening events. The minimums for sites will be as follows:

  • – Sites with 10 – 50 employees require a 50% participation minimum
  • – Sites with 51 – 100 employees require a 47% participation minimum
  • – Sites 101 – 150+ employees require a 45% participation minimum

Once a school site or district location reaches their participation minimums they will get to select the day and time they would like to have a (chair) massage therapist onsite. Massages will only be offered to members who participated in the screening event.

Personal Training Services

This new offering will be offered by invitation-only to selected personal wellness screening participants. The program will provide accountability to individuals having a hard time committing to a regular exercise program. Sessions will focus on teaching individuals proper techniques and exercise regimes that can be mimicked at home or another facility.

Behavior Modification Consulting

This new offering will also be offered by invitation-only to selected personal wellness screening participants. The program will focus on sustainable nutrition and healthy lifestyle behaviors. Participants will learn the skills and tools they need to incorporate life-long changes to undesirable habits and how to adopt healthy behaviors that reduce their risk of chronic disease.

During the initial consultation participants will work with the Pinnacle Training Systems Behavior Modification Coaches to establish their customized wellness goals. Thereafter, participants will have 7, 30-minute sessions (in-person or by phone) to address barriers and achievements to meeting their goals. Participants will be held accountable for being engaged and completing tasks requested by the Pinnacle staff in an effort to be successful.

For more information about these programs and other WellPATH offerings, visit www.JHMBHealthConnect.com/wellpath.

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