What’s changing: Two medical plan options

A significant change in this year’s Benefits Open Enrollment process is the availability of two medical plans, each with differing coverage levels and differing contributions. A breakdown of each plan is in the table that follows.

Remember: If you do not make a choice between the two options, you will be automatically enrolled in Option A, the standard plan. A full summary and comparison of both plans will be included in the Benefits Open Enrollment packet.

Option A:
The Standard Plan
Option B:
The Alternate Plan
Plan Details: In-Network Out of Network In-Network Out of Network
Deductible $250 Individual /
$500 Family
$750 Individual /
$1,500 Family
$250 Individual /
$500 Family
$750 Individual /
$1,500 Family
Out-of-pocket $2,000 Individual / $4,000 Family $5,000 Individual / $10,000 Family
Coinsurance 90% 70% 80% 60%
Physician office, home or hospital visit co-pay $15 $25
Generic drug co-pay $10 $10
Brand-name co-pay drug with no generic option, or when physician prescribes as ‘Dispense as Written’ $35 $35
Member requests brand drug when generic available co-pay $35 plus cost difference $35 plus cost difference
Employee Premium: Option A: Option B:
Employee only $60 $30
Employee + child(ren) $75 $40
Employee + spouse $120 $60
Family $130 $70
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