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WellPATH Champions are the designated representatives of our program. It is their responsibility to answer questions, keep you informed about upcoming events, and support you on your path to overall wellness. Search for the WellPATH Champion(s) at your site by searching your site name below or browsing the alphabetical list.

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Site First Name Last Name
Addicott Elementary Katie Abercrombie
Addicott Elementary Robyn Scroggins
Addicott Elementary Shaun Albert
Anthony Elementary Cynthia Christin
Aynesworth Elementary Felipe Lemus
Balderas Elementary Kristi Marie Morales-Henkle
Birney Elementary Susana Tzintzun-Lopez
Bullard Talent K-8 Kathy Eastwood
Calwa Elementary Ana Sepulveda
Calwa Elementary VirginiaOrtiz
Cambridge High School Jany Lee
Centennial Elementary Brooke Dias
College and Career Services AmyStreets-Johnson
College and Career Services MagedellaTellez-Lumbert
Communications Nikki Henry
Del Mar Elementary Kim Crowley
Del Mar Elementary Kim Peltola
Department of Prevention and Intervention Renee Arretche
Department of Prevention and Intervention RuthCastellanos
DeWolf High School Barbara Garcia
Duncan Polytechnical High School Chris Orosco
Duncan Polytechnical High School Eileen Fisher
Duncan Polytechnical High School Graciela Santoyo
Easterby Elementary Jessica Reyna Hernandez
Eaton Elementary Amy Arnold
Ed Center- Business and Financial Services Florencia Ventura Rodriguez
Ed Center- Curriculum and Professional Learning Leticia Barajas
Ed Center- State & Federal Programs Cheryl Mueller
Edison High School Catherine Haynes
Edison High School Steven Ray Guerrero
English Learner Services Jazmin Lujan
English Learner Services DaisyVillasenor
English Learner Services AnitaGonzalez
Ewing Elementary Renee White
Family Wellness Center Amy Hardcastle
Fiscal Services Kristen Miller
Fiscal Services Silvia Rodriguez
Fort Miller Middle School Barbara Rotella
Fresno Adult SchoolMaiHer
Fresno High School Brittany Johns
Fresno High School Lourdes Vasquez
Fresno High School Mariana Rodriguez
Fulton Secondary School Grace Settle
Gaston Middle School Tiffani Kelsey-Franco
Hamilton K-8 Helen Wheeler
Hidalgo Elementary Blia Vang
Holland Elementary- Retiree Viola Schubert
Holland Elementary Meredith Feller
Homan Elementary Brittany Johns
Hoover High School Marisela Maldonado
JE Young Academic Center/ Educational Resource Center Dawn Gardner
JHMB Labor Co-Chair Tom Rotella
Juan Felipe Herrera Elementary Mai Xiong
King Elementary Rebecca Olivieri
Kings Canyon Middle SchoolMaritzaOrtega Garcia
Kirk Elementary Deborah Coronado-Gonzales
Kirk Elementary Mechelle Hicks
Kratt Elementary Caressa Smith
Lane Elementary Guadalupe Andrade
Lincoln Elementary School Maria Aguirre
Lowell Elementary Lupita Zamudio
Mayfair Elementary Kearey Hoppock
Mayfair Elementary Mark Guzman
Mayfair Elementary Sylvia Reyes
McCardle Elementary Jessica Alloway
McCardle Elementary Michelle Tynan
McLane High School Suki Dhillon
Muir Elementary Brittany Johns
Muir Elementary Tina Marsh
Norseman Elementary Chrissy Gunn
Nutrition Center Debbie Salas
Olmos Elementary Miranda Crossan
Parent University Angelica Campa
Parent University Irma Keith
Patino High School Karren Rector
Prevention and Intervention Maxine Dadoorian
Purchasing Teri Prieto
Pyle Elementary Li Chian
Rata Tenishia Sharp
Retiree Kathleen Lehman
Robinson Elementary KristinaNolan
Robinson Elementary Tracy Van Hoven
Roosevelt High SchoolEthanPeterson
Sequoia Middle School Francisco Nunez Flores
Sequoia Middle School MaritzaOrtega Garcia
Special Education Office Brittany Johns
Special Education Office Cara Ford
Special Education Office Malarie Silos
Special Education Office MaritzaOrtega Garcia
Starr Elementary Lisa Christensen
Storey Elementary Grace Pitcher
Storey Elementary RosannaCasares
Sunnyside High School Elizabeth Droge
Sunnyside High School LydiaGonzalez
Sunnyside High School Melissa Posas
Sunnyside High School Michelle Orozco
Sunset Elementary Mayra Pruneda
Tenaya Middle School Lauretta Morrill
Tioga Middle School Valerie Almanza
Turner Elementary Charlene Lee
Vang Pao Elementary Elissa Gonzalez
Wawona Middle School Alicia Estrada-Correa
Wawona Middle School Margaret Riedinger
Wilson ElementaryMaritzaOrtega Garcia
Wolters Elementary Rosa Mendez Diaz
Yokomi Elementary Janice Kruse
Yosemite Middle School Debbie Downs

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I agree to represent my school/department as the Wellness Champion for this school year. I understand the outlined roles and responsibilities of the Wellness Champion and will assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives. I agree to not only support the WellPATH Employee Wellness program by my participation, but to collaborate with my local management team to support the initiatives as well. I understand that the success of the program hinges on all employees being empowered to make informed decisions that positively impact their health. The WellPATH program can count on me to be a messenger and motivator and to help gather information from my co-workers, principals and managers to help foster a culture of wellness within Fresno Unified School District that supports good health.

I also understand that I may be asked to assist in scheduling rooms and programs (including wellness screenings, seasonal influenza program) at my location, displaying WellPATH brochures, posters, etc. in appropriate areas, and encouraging my co-workers to be involved in the WellPATH Employee Wellness program.

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All WellPATH-sponsored activities are open to active employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children age 18+, early retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees covered under the District’s health benefit plan.
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