WellPATH seeks to foster a healthy work environment and engage Fresno Unified School District employees in their health and well-being. The program assists employees along their path to optimal health through education, wellness activities, and resources that support healthy lifestyle choices. Active employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children age 18 and over, early retirees (defined as a retired individual under age 65 and not eligible for Medicare), and retirees covered under the District’s health benefit plan are eligible to participate in the WellPATH Employee Wellness Program. Learn more about the program rules, eligibility, seminars, and discounts.

Become a WellPATH Champion

A WellPATH Champion is an on-site ambassador for the WellPATH program who is committed to creating a workplace culture of health and wellness. Learn more about how to become a champion and special rewards for helping to improve health/wellness efforts at district sites.
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Classes & Events groupFitnessClass(360)

The WellPATH program offers health and wellness opportunities along your path to better health. Check out the schedule for up-to-date listings of group fitness classes, wellness screenings, community events, and free flu shot clinics.

Chronic Disease Management

WellPATH believes in providing resources that will enhance your quality of life as you and your family manage chronic diseases – such as Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease. WellPATH offers resources for you to research at your own discretion regarding treatment, symptoms, prevention, nutrition, and more.

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Employee Discounts

treadmillsDid you know that as a Fresno Unified employee you can receive discounts at local retailers? Check out the latest deals available through the Fresno Unified Employee Discount Program.

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FREE Flu Shotsflushot(960)

Each Fall, the WellPATH program offers free flu shot clinics at sites throughout the District. The vaccine is free and available for employees with district medical insurance, covered spouses, domestic partners dependents age 18+, early retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees.
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Group Fitness ClassesfitnessBlue

WellPATH is pleased to offer on-site group fitness classes that cover a wide range of interests. Classes are led by Pinnacle Training Systems certified instructors who have been trained to meet the needs of all fitness levels and skills. Beginners are welcome!
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Health Spotlights fight_disease(350)

Each quarter, WellPATH highlights different health and wellness topics such as stress management, women’s health, men’s health, etc. Check back each month for an updated spotlight that provides you with healthy tips along your path to better health and a chance to win a $25 gift card.
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Know Your Numbers knowYourNumbers(960)

WellPATH partners with Pinnacle Training Systems to provide WellPATH-eligible individuals with personalized health and wellness profiles. The program offers free 20-minute wellness screenings that include body composition testing, blood pressure testing, blood glucose testing (Hb-A1C), cholesterol screening and wellness coaching.
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Monthly WebinarswomanOnTablet

Each month, the WellPATH Program offers healthful webinars from our partners at Pinnacle Training Systems and Claremont EAP. Pinnacle Training Systems webinars are recorded live on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm (PT). A few days later, the recorded session is made available to watch online at any time throughout the rest of the month. Claremont EAP webinars are all be pre-recorded and do not require registration. You can watch the sessions at any time during the month in which they are featured and submit questions to the speaker.

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WellPATH believes in providing resources that will enhance your quality of life and bring you the latest health and wellness information. Check out our special Resource Guides and our archive of resources provided from our featured vendors.

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Request an Event community

The WellPATH Program is primarily a request-based program that relies on employees’ assistance to coordinate events. Once you’ve secured approval from your principal/site supervisor and reserved an appropriate room, submit your request to WellPATH. Requests should be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the desired event date.
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Share Your Love for Wellness LoveWellness(400)

We’d like to hear from you about how the WellPATH program has helped improve your health/happiness. Each month we select a winner to receive a $50 Visa gift card and be featured in WellPATH-related communications. We look forward to hearing your stories, as you share your love for wellness.
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Wellness Challenges

Throughout the year, the WellPATH Program serves up wellness challenges to jumpstart and/or cultivate healthy habits amongst its members. These challenges typically run 6-8 weeks and offer individual and work site incentives based on dieting, exercising, and educational activities.

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WellPATH Support Services

We provide key support services to reward your commitment to your health. If you commit to improving your overall wellbeing, we will commit to making it easier for you. Complete ALL of your Behavior Modification Coaching and/or Personal Training Program sessions and you may be eligible to have WellPATH REIMBURSE YOUR PROGRAM FEES.  Learn more about these key programs and incentives.

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