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Fall 2021 Wellness Challenge Recap



Final Results 

The Fall 2021 challenge incorporated a brand new design that challenged participants to compete with themselves and nobody else. Each participant set a daily step goal and then got points for hitting that goal through various approved exercise activities. Participants could also win points by recording their water consumption, and posting positive comments or comments about their experience on the discussion board.

At the end of the challenge we tallied up all the points. Those point totals correspond with a tier in the prize structure pictured below. 

Fall 2021 Reward Tiers

Fall 2021 Winners

Below are the winners listed by username. We had (65) Tier 5 winners, (16) Tier 4 winners, (15) Tier 3 winners, (10) Tier 2 Winners (determined via a drawing for all that were in that point range), and (10) Tier 1 Winners (determined via a drawing for all that were in that point range).

We hope that all who participated found the challenge motivating and that it provided you with valuable, healthful habits and skills. WellPATH is running another challenge over the holidays called Maintain, Don’t Gain. Please keep your eyes peeled for information on how to register for that challenge in November.

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