Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

WellPATH is proud to offer group fitness classes that cover a wide range of interests. Classes are led by Pinnacle Training Systems certified instructors who have been trained to meet the needs of all fitness levels and skills. Classes are open to active employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children age 18+, early retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees covered under the District’s health benefit plan. Beginners are welcome! Just fill out the registration form and waiver to get started.

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Types of Fitness Classes

Classes are taught in a non-intimidating environment by highly trained and fun instructors. Our classes are tailored to meet the varying interests, fitness levels, and ages. We are committed to providing a safe and optimal program for everyone and instructors will demonstrate modifications so that coordination and experience are not necessary. Class participants will be able to set their own pace.

20 x 3

Get a full systematic body workout with 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of core training, and 20 minutes of strength training—all of the essentials in just one hour!


Feel the workout in the rhythm of this Latin-inspired workout that is a combination of fun-filled exercise enriched in music and dance.

Gentle Yoga

Progress through a series of nurturing physical postures based on yoga. The stretches and poses in these classes may help relieve back pain, headaches, insomnia, and shortness of breath.


These compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength, muscular endurance and your ability to control balance and weight. It’s an all-around heart-pumping workout that will push you to your limit!

Yoga for Fitness

Engage in the flow of flexibility, strength, balance, and breathing all combined into one yoga flow giving your body the proper balance of relaxation and energy.

Circuit Training

Build muscle with high-intensity and high-energy muscle conditioning focusing on your hips, thighs, and glutes, and most importantly, creating a strong core!

Strength and Flexibility

With low-impact exercises and opportunities for modifications, this is a great class for those new to working out, as well as those wishing to continue improving strength and flexibility regardless of age.

Virtual Fitness Classes

WellPATH continues to release pre-recorded sessions weekly on Mondays so that you can participate from the convenience of your residence! All activities involve minimal equipment.

Trial Sessions

If you are interested in joining a group fitness class, but need more information we welcome you to attend a trial session. Stop by one of our scheduled classes to ask questions, meet the instructor, and even join the fun! Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable so we encourage you to attend a trial class prior to making a commitment—all you have to do is sign a waiver prior to participating and email to let us know.

Virtual Sessions

If you’re interested in gaining access to the pre-recorded sessions, please contact Pinnacle Training Systems directly. They will follow up to make sure you’ve completed the annual waiver for group fitness participation and provide you with the appropriate details for the online sessions. Contact Pinnacle Training Systems by email below or by phone at 559.548.3403 for access to virtual sessions.

Group Fitness Class Guidelines

All classes are FREE! Please arrive early to sign in. We also ask that you silence your cell phones. Thank you in advance.

At this time, active employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependents over 18 years of age, early retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees covered by the district’s health plan are eligible to participate in group fitness classes offered by WellPATH. Each participant must sign a release waiver prior to participation.

Please bring a bottle of water and a personal towel. Also, please note that a new Registration Form must be completed annually to participate in a group fitness class. Original copies can be delivered to the fitness instructor on the first day of class.

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that will not inhibit movement. Baggy clothing is not recommended.

Request A Group Fitness Class

Would you like to see another fitness class on the schedule or have WellPATH host a class at a different location? Request the class you want to attend using the form below!

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All WellPATH-sponsored activities are open to active employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children age 18+, early retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees covered under the District’s health benefit plan.
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