2019 Retiree Benefits Workshop Materials (Aug 2)

On August 2, the Joint Health Management Board (JHMB), along with representatives from the WellPATH Program and the District’s Benefit Office provided a 2-hour workshop with information on the following key topics:

Retiree Benefits Program Overview

  • Coordination of Benefits with Medicare
  • Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Plan
  • EnvisionRx Plus Prescription Drug Plan

Wellness & Additional Resources

  • Wellness activities available to retirees, including annual screenings, group fitness classes, and monthly webinars
  • Claremont EAP – counseling, legal, and financial support services available to retirees and their families
  • PlushCare Telehealth – convenient service for the diagnosis and treatment of many non-acute medical conditions

Download the Presentation

Understanding Key Retiree Benefits (PDF)

Download - Understanding Key Retiree Benefits (PDF)
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