Follow Up from the 2019 EnvisionRx Customer Satisfaction Survey



Thank You For Your Feedback!

During the Open Enrollment period in late 2019, the Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) conducted a customer satisfaction survey for all participants in the EnvisionRx prescription drug program. Year-over-year, the level of member satisfaction improved in all areas – most notably, mail order (+19%), website (+8%), and customer care (+7%). Here’s a brief summary of the most recent feedback and our next steps for each area of the customer experience.

Mail Order – 89% positive satisfaction (+19% from 2018)

Mail Order saw the biggest jump in satisfaction year-over-year at 19%, while issues with scheduling and delivery timing continued to be the main areas of dissatisfaction for this area of service. Envision notes that their internal protocol for mail order preparation is 1 day for clean prescriptions (those not requiring any intervention) and 2 days for prescriptions requiring intervention. In addition, EnvisionRx will continue to conduct routine evaluations of their shipping services and their automated filling processes.  

EnvisionRx Website – 68% positive satisfaction (+8% from 2018)

Though positive satisfaction with the website improved slightly from last year, customers still noted that EnvisionRx’s website can be difficult to log into, navigate, and find the information that they need. Envision continues to make enhancements to their site to add functionality and improve the ease of use.

Some of the upcoming improvements include; 1) adding single sign-on (SSO) functionality to enable members to toggle between EnvisionRx and Envision Pharmacy portals easier, 2) updates to the “My Prescriptions” page to include the addition of “Next Refill Available Date”, and 3) additional order confirmation emails to improve follow up.

Customer Care – 73% positive satisfaction (+7% from 2018)

In 2019, the total number of responses specific to Customer Care dropped by nearly half, however positive satisfaction improved, specifically related to Envision’s ability to resolve issues. 

The primary Customer Care issues noted related to hold times and problem resolution, though there was a significant decrease in the number of negative responses regarding problem resolution. Two key initiatives that will help improve customer care and problem resolution include the recent implementation of the District’s dedicated customer service lines and cultural infusion training by all designated team members. These efforts should continue to improve customer care in the coming year.

Retail – 86% positive satisfaction (+6% from 2018)

While positive satisfaction for retail services improved in 2019, the vast majority of unsatisfactory concerns continue to involve issues at Fresno area Walgreens pharmacies. EnvisionRx’s Provider Relations team will continue to reach out to Fresno area Walgreens to address many of the issues that arise, including fill times, insurance complications, and wait times at the pharmacy.  

Specialty Order – 87% positive satisfaction (+6% from 2018)

Similar to Mail Order, most of the issues regarding Specialty Orders involved insurance and scheduling/delivery issues. Envision continues to task their Shipping Logistics team with addressing delivery issues and they will continue to work with their internal team regarding their standard protocols and clinical care model.

Additional Feedback Regarding Rx90

Though the survey did not ask questions specific to the Rx90 program, some members provided additional feedback regarding their issues with the program. The issues addressed this year were similar to those expressed in 2018, including Walgreens regional service and concerns with medications generally considered ‘maintenance’ prescribed for short-term therapy.

Envision will review their Rx90 maintenance list to determine if any medications should not be part of the Rx90 program, as they may be issued for non-maintenance purposes. Additionally, the JHMB has worked with Envision to modify the Rx90 program FAQs to clarify program issues noted in recent customer feedback. Feel free to download the updated Rx90 Program FAQ (PDF) available at

Tips to Help Improve Your Experience

Your feedback is critical in helping us identify areas of improvement and address major service issues. The JHMB will continue to work with EnvisionRx throughout the year to address these issues.

In the mean time, here are a couple of tips to help you improve your experience:

  • If you are experiencing prescription availability issues at your local pharmacy, contact your local pharmacy 1-2 days prior to your trip the pharmacy. Discuss your upcoming order and ensure that they will have your order in stock when you need it. 
  • If you are experiencing any issues regarding your prescription(s), contact EnvisionRx’s Dedicated Line for Fresno Unified at (833) 640-2849. Please note that issues that involve interpretation of the benefit plan may require additional follow up time by Envision with the District.

Thank you again for providing your feedback regarding your experience with EnvisionRx.

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