Important Notice: Saint Agnes Medical Center & Valley Children’s Hospital Contracts Renewed with Anthem Blue Cross

TO:        Fresno Unified School District Employee Health Care Plan Participants in PPO Plan Options A and B

DATE:     June 22, 2018

The Joint Health Management Board is pleased to announce that both St. Agnes Medical Center and Valley Children’s Hospital have renewed their contracts with Anthem Blue Cross. Both facilities will continue to be in-network providers under PPO Plan Options ‘A’ and ‘B.’

No Break for In-Network Services

Though the St. Agnes Medical Center contract originally expired at midnight June 1, 2018, their renewed agreement with Anthem Blue Cross is effective June 1st. If you have received service at St. Agnes Medical Center on or after June 1, 2018, those services will continue to be charged at the in-network rate.

If You Notice Any Billing Inconsistencies: If you receive a bill from St. Agnes Medical Center that exceeds the amount indicated as the member responsibility on the Explanation of Benefits you receive from Delta Health Systems for services rendered after June 1, 2018, please contact Delta Health Systems at the toll free number on your ID card, so that it may be handled appropriately.

The contract for Valley Children’s Hospital was agreed to prior to the original contract expiration date and thus, there was also no break in service for the facility.

We Appreciate Your Patience and Understanding

The Joint Health Management Board continues to work with our partners to ensure that we stay ahead of issues such as these recent contract negotiations. Though these situations are out of our control, we will continue to do our best to keep you informed throughout the year as we become aware of potential changes.

As a reminder, we recommend that you always check the in-network status of your providers prior to receiving service. Using in-network providers helps you reduce your out-of-pocket costs and avoid unnecessary fees.

Locating a Network Provider: In partnership with its key vendors, the JHMB has created quick guides to help you locate in-network providers for your medical, dental, vision, behavioral health, and chiropractic care benefits. When contacting a provider, be sure to have your insurance card available – it contains plan information your provider will most likely need to answer your questions, including group number and network. For assistance with locating an in-network provider, visit:

We appreciate your continued support in helping us manage and maintain the highest quality health and wellness benefits on behalf of the District’s employees, retirees, and their families.

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