Latest Plan Amendments Regarding Your Medical & Prescription Drug Benefits

To:  Fresno Unified School District Employee Health Care Plan Participants in Plan Options A or B

Date:   February 1, 2018

We are pleased to provide you with the following Amendments to the Plan Booklet for the Fresno Unified School District Employee Health Care Plan:



We suggest that you review the amendments, in conjunction with the Plan Booklet, in order to become acquainted with the benefits that apply to you. The text of the booklet should be referred to for a more complete explanation of benefits.

Though the Plan Booklet is accurate as August 1, 2012, there will be amendments to the Plan from time to time. Once amendments are made available, you should make them a part of the Plan Booklet and retain for reference purposes since the payment of benefits will be based on the latest information issued to you.


As a reminder, you may visit the Your Benefits page to review the Benefits Plan Booklet and related amendments. If you are unable to access the website, you can contact the District’s Benefits Office to request a copy.

FUSD Benefits Office
2309 Tulare Street
Fresno, California 93721

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