Takeaways from the 2020 Elixir Rx Customer Satisfaction Survey



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For the past two years, the Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) has conducted a customer satisfaction survey for all participants in the PPO prescription drug program. Each year we assess 5 key aspects of the program and identify ways to improve the ways in which our members acquire their medications and the customer support they receive.

In the most recent survey (conducted in late 2020), we observed that there were moderate improvements in most areas and a major improvement in customer satisfaction regarding the website experience. Here’s a brief summary of the most recent feedback and the next steps for each area of the customer experience.

Elixir Website & Member Portal – 81% positive satisfaction (+13% from 2019)

Elixir has been well aware of consistent frustrations experienced by our members regarding their online experience – most notably, the difficulty in navigating their site and finding helpful tools/information. As a result, Elixir focused heavily on making enhancements to their Member Portal and Mobile App in 2020. In January 2021, they launched a new version of these systems and plan to continue make upgrades throughout the coming year. In addition, they intend to increase promotions of these new systems/features to aid members in finding more efficient ways to get the information they seek.

Customer Service – 77% positive satisfaction (+4% from 2019)

Usage of the customer service by survey respondents increased over 80% from 2019 and yet the level of satisfaction with the experience improved slightly year-over-year. Many of the issues raised were consistent with years past – hold times, problem resolution, and knowledge of the District’s benefits plan – while the issue regarding politeness of the customer service reps didn’t emerge in 2020. Given the operational changes needed to manage both their internal team and external customer expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impressive that our member’s level of satisfaction did not drop during this challenging period.

In their continued efforts to improve the customer service experience, Elixir plans to conduct an updated Cultural Infusion Training with their internal teams, as well as add biweekly huddles and quarterly trainings to discuss and better understand customer trends. Lastly, they also intend to conduct annual refresher training of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for their customer service reps in December 2021 to improve their ability to help our members navigate our specific benefits plan.

Specialty Order – 87% positive satisfaction (No Change from 2019)

The number of respondents utilizing Specialty Pharmacy services doubled from the prior year, which also coincided with the re-branding of Elixir during the year. This perhaps caused some member confusion, in addition to issues raised regarding delivery timelines. Elixir continues to contact members at least 7 days in advance of medication refills to coordinate delivery and they plan to use these interactions as a opportunity to re-educate members on their Specialty Pharmacy options – specifically keying in on items raised in the most recent survey.

Retail – 86% positive satisfaction (No Change from 2019)

In 2020, Elixir was better able to identify the pharmacies specifically related to member dissatisfaction and as such, intends to provide direct feedback to the specific pharmacies regarding the issues raised by our members. Moreover, Elixir has rolled out new Member Portal features for their Retail experience, which include an improved pharmacy locator tool, a new Virtual ID card, and drug pricing/information enhancements.

Mail Order – 89% positive satisfaction (-2% from 2019)

Similar to Specialty Pharmacy, the use of Mail Order Pharmacy services by survey respondents also nearly doubled year-over-year, and yet the level of satisfaction remained virtually the same. The primary issues remain – scheduling of deliveries and arrival discrepancies – coupled with new issues regarding setup and initial use of the benefit by perhaps a slew of new members. Elixir intends to address the ease of use issues by launching enhancements to the Member Portal and Mobile App in March 2021 to allow for refilling prescription, SMS/Push Notifications, and providing order history and shipping information. These new features will also be promoted throughout the year in conjunction with their overall Member Portal/App communications efforts.

Tips to Help Improve Your Experience

Your feedback is critical in helping us identify areas of improvement and address major service issues. The JHMB will continue to work with Elixir throughout the year to address issues that may arise.

In the mean time, here are a couple of tips to help you improve your experience:

  • If you are experiencing prescription availability issues at your local pharmacy, contact your local pharmacy 1-2 days prior to your trip to the pharmacy. Discuss your upcoming order and ensure that they will have your order in stock when you need it.
  • If you are experiencing any issues regarding your prescription(s), contact Elixir’s Dedicated Line for Fresno Unified at (833) 640-2849. Please note that issues that involve interpretation of the benefit plan may require additional follow up time by Elixir with the District.

Thank you again for providing your feedback regarding your experience with Elixir. For more information about the Rx Program, please visit the Prescription Drug Coverage – PPO Plans A & B page.

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