October 2017

California Fires & Support from Claremont EAP

Several fires continue to devastate Sonoma, Napa, and Orange counties and threaten nearby locations. Your Employer and Claremont EAP are here to help. All affected employees have access to free and confidential services through our Employee Assistance Program: Counseling – you and your family members have access to free counseling visits with a licensed clinician […]

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2018 Open Enrollment – COBRA & ED Code Participants

This year’s annual Open Enrollment for 2018 benefits occurs from October 2 to December 1, 2017. If you wish to make any changes to your existing coverage, you must complete the enclosed Enrollment Form and return it to the District Benefits Office no later than December 1, 2017. All changes will be effective January 1,

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Become a WellPATH Champion

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I agree to represent my school/department as the Wellness Champion for this school year. I understand the outlined roles and responsibilities of the Wellness Champion and will assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives. I agree to not only support the WellPATH Employee Wellness program by my participation, but to collaborate with my local management team to support the initiatives as well. I understand that the success of the program hinges on all employees being empowered to make informed decisions that positively impact their health. The WellPATH program can count on me to be a messenger and motivator and to help gather information from my co-workers, principals and managers to help foster a culture of wellness within Fresno Unified School District that supports good health.

I also understand that I may be asked to assist in scheduling rooms and programs (including wellness screenings, seasonal influenza program) at my location, displaying WellPATH brochures, posters, etc. in appropriate areas, and encouraging my co-workers to be involved in the WellPATH Employee Wellness program.

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All WellPATH-sponsored activities are open to active employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children age 18+, early retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees covered under the District’s health benefit plan.
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